Hi all! I'm Caitlin, and creating art is my passion. I want nothing more than to talk with you, take the idea you have stuck in your head and translate that into something tangible: a logo, an illustration, a painting, ANYTHING! Whatever it may be, I can Bring Your Vision to Life!


I've loved art for as long as I can remember. I fell in love with anime as a wee 7th grader and that was a huge turning point for me as an artist with anime becoming the primary inspiration for my style. Over time, my art has grown from fan art to illustrations of friends' characters to logos and more, and things have just gone from there. My hope is that my artwork will continue to improve and reach more people so that I can provide them with quality artwork that they will love.

For right now, I live Newport News, VA with my husband, our 2 sons, dog and 2 very spoiled cats. When not creating art, I can be found gaming, doing wifey things, playing D&D, and watching anime. I have an Associates Degree for Graphic Design from The Art Institutes and continue to take random online classes to expand my craft.

Feel free to message me directly CLeopoldArt@gmail.com

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