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The Brothers JW Woodworking and More Log

Bold City Cosplay

Bold City Cosplay logo featuring a silhouette of a shield, the Jacksonville horizon and 3 of their most iconic cosplayers.

Mouse Magick

Mouse Magick logo featuring a little witch mouse and her magical creations

Dear Daruma

Dear Daruma logo featuring a weathered daruma doll with gold leaf deatils.

Cherry Witch Wands

Cherry Witch Wands logo featuring a customized cursive font, a cherry and some wands with magic sparkles.

Jennifer Leigh Wellness for Women

Jennifer Leigh - Wellness for Women logo featuring a lotus, the Celtic symbol for new beginnings and a beautiful golden orange gradient

Simply Essential

Simply Essential team of doTERRA users & distributors logo featuring a doTERRA bottle with lavender, peppermint and lemongrass foliage.

Dirt Road Organics logo

Dirt Road Organics logo featuring watercolor style produce: Onion, pear, rainbow carrots, lemon and tomato. A dirt road forms the S of "organics" with a sun in the distance.

Rainbow Fields Farm logo

Rainbow Fields Farm logo featuring watercolor style produce and a rainbow rooster:tomato, pepper, squash, peas, blueberries and eggplant.

Southern Skies Apothecary

Southern Skies Apothecary logo featuring a phoenix with plumes of green and aqua to represent life and renewal.

Smithsburg Market cupcake

Smithsburg Market Inc logo for their bakery services. It features a swirly cupcake.

Smithsburg Market Rooster

Smithsburg Market Inc logo for their catering and storefront services. It features a rooster to represent their renowned fried chicken and their country appeal.

Sacred Bee Doula & Apiary

Sacred Bee Doula & Apiary logo features a honey bee, and vines with daisies.


C.H.E.F. logo created for the Culinary Hospitality Education Fellowship. It features a blue chef hat, a key and a pineapple on a bamboo skewer.

Lady Amethyst

Lady Amethyst logo features a femme fatale holding a skull and looking dangerously seductive.

Holistic Health Services by Sam

Holistic Health Services by Sam logo features a breastfeeding tree momma surrounded by busy bees, their hive and flowers.

Elizabeth Luke Birth Services LLC

Elizabeth Luke Birth Services LLC logo has the E in Elizabeth forming the silhouette of a pregnant mother's breast and belly with a baby inside. Hands represent the support a doula provides and a butterfly flies forth from them representing the metamorphosis of becoming a mother.

Bake, Crumble & Roll logo

Bake, Crumble & Roll logo features a pretty purple ribbon and a deliciously swirled cake pop accent.

Gingersnap Moon

Gingersnap Moon logo features a Man in the Moon and his fairy companion

Cozy Creations by Katie logo

Cozy Creations by Katie logo features a tea stained gift tag with a burlap ribbon

Cinnamon Sweet Confections logo

Cinnamon Sweet Confections logo features a ribbon heart in warm brown tones

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